• Oregon to Upper Michigan

    In a few weeks I will be traveling to Michigan Technological University for college. It’s hard to think about moving 2000 miles away from home. I’ve lived and gone to school near the same small town for close to 13 years with many of the same friends. As sad as it is to be leaving this, I’m very excited for the opportunity to meet lots of different people and branch out my interests. There is a bit of a cultural difference between Oregon and the Upper Peninsula (U.P.) of Michigan, but I like what I’ve experienced on family vacations and my visit over spring break.

    Houghton lift bridge in the Winter

    At Michigan Tech, I’ll be starting out in General Engineering (basically undecided.) I don’t have a clear idea of which branch I want to move into. Hopefully that will come with time. Academics will certainly be my focus and take up most of my time while I’m there. 8am Calc 2 class here I come.

    If I have time, there will be plenty of other activities to keep me busy. This may be a little bit ambitious, but I plan to participate in intramural sports, competitive mountain biking, running, potentially the student radio station, and have a social life. Something will probably have to go.

    I will be very busy before I leave, so this may very well be the only post for a while. I will be helping out at my high school XC coach’s running camp and then going on a family camping trip. This means I have to start packing…

    I have every intention of keeping this updated approximately weekly. How that will work out, I have no idea. I want to start recording my experiences regularly as well as working on my writing, and this seemed like a good way to do it.