Make This Year a Great One

In some ways I don’t get New Year’s. Why pick only one day out of the year to reflect on the past one and enthusiastically welcome in the next? These seem like valuable thoughts that would be useful most every day. Maybe I think about these things more than your average Earth-dweller. In any case, congratulations on surviving another trip around the sun. It will be 365.24 days before we reach this same position again (but who’s counting?). That’s enough time to write a book, get pretty good at just about anything, walk or ride your bike a long ways, or just eat way too many chocolates. Whatever you decide to do, as long as you do it with conviction, enthusiasm, and for the right reasons, is worth carrying your head high. Try not to let yourself get hung up on the bad stuff.

Wheelie on the beach

Last year had its ups and downs, but it was a pretty solid year for me overall. I like where I am, but I also know I’ve got a long ways to go. Here’s to the next lap, and I hope it can be our best yet.

Here are a few things I will be working towards:

  • Applying myself fully in school
    • Study during times between classes
    • Find peers to study with
    • Places besides the library
    • Office hours
  • Keeping a productive and healthy routine
    • Sleep optimal amount per night (between 7.5-9.5 hours?)
    • Consistent times for waking, eating, studying, cleaning, etc.
  • Creativity
    • Write a blog post weekly
    • Take photos weekly
  • Decluttering
    • Papers from previous years
    • Boxes at home
  • Connecting with new people
    • Study groups
    • Clubs
  • Training for the next cycling season
    • Make training plan in Jan.
    • Ride for fun every week
  • Limiting frivolous internet usage
  • Replying promptly and keeping in touch with people who matter to me

If you want to be even more stoked for the future, then read these brief essays by adventure writer and all-around stand-up dude Brendan Leonard :

Thanks to my dad for the awesome picture


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