Copper Harbor Snowshoe Broventure

After a late-night video planning session, some guys from the cycling club invited me to go snowshoeing in Copper Harbor the next day. We took advantage of our free first time rentals from the outdoor adventure program. Quite a few poeple were waiting for snowshoes when we got there.

Overflow downhill mountain bike trail wooden feature in winter

After the drive to Copper Harbor, we climbed up Brockway Mountain and followed the Overflow downhill mountain bike trail back down. It was pretty different seeing the trail on foot in the winter compared to riding it in the summer.

Snowshoeing through deep powder

The snow was practically untouched. We managed to stay on top most of the time, but there were spots where it was easy to sink in to the waist. We saw some faint downhill ski tracks, but no other signs of people.

Climbing trees and then jumping out of them

Like with any good adventure, tree climbing was in order. Snowshoing can be as exciting as you make it. I think extreme snowshoing could definitely take off.

Beautiful winter forest


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